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front slicing through pennsylvania, west virginia in to parts of virginia. i want to switch it to live doppler 9000 hd because i zoomed in to the area in west virginia an the state line, west of new market, southwest of winchester approaching strasburg, front royal. it is moving to the east. these are light sprinkles, not much rain to talk about. temperature-wise, the clouds and southerly winds have held us in the 70s. cool spot reston at 70. we are at 77. going up to near 90. upper 80s by noon and also for 5:00 look for for sun and some wind. go over to angie goff. >> rev up the engines folks, we are getting geared up for a new hour. one issue out there we are dealing with. a water make main break on 410 where it meets 295. one lane on the right side getting by in both directions. moving to 270, take it outside. it is a problem free commute past father hurley to the split.
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as we move to virginia, 495 in virginia from the wilson bridge to 95 up to 66 looks like drivers are moving at speed. the same situation for those of you traveling 395. no incidents or accidents along the way past duke street toward shirlington. that's a quick look at traffic. andrea, back to you. it is about 3 1/2 months until christmas but today we should learn whether loudoun county will allow any holiday displays in front of the courthouse. the debate has been going on since last year, and supervisors got final input last night. 9 news now reporter kristin fisher is live in leesburg, virginia, with more. good morning, kristin. >> good morning. the good news is by the end of the day we should know whether or not holiday religious displays will be allowed on the lawn outside of the loudoun county courthouse this holiday season. now, this debate took center stage last night at a public hearing before the loudoun county board.
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100 people spoke out either for or against the board recommendation that would ban religious displays on the county courthouse lawn. supporters say it upholds the separation of church and stay, not to mention it makes for a much leads less cluttered courthouse lawn but opponents argue that the ban is unconstitutional. >> i would implore you, on behalf of our citizens of all faiths, to allow those displays to continue. these are the critical tenets of what our civilization is built on, freedom of speech and freedom of religion. >> reporter: so that is pretty much the line of argument for the opponents of the ban. we will hear what supporters had to say coming up at 5:30. the debate started last november when a commission led by loudoun county residents recommended the holiday display ban after the county received an increase in requests to use
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the space over the holidays. so the county board established a policy to allow up to ten groups at a time to install displays on the ground. the same commission that started it all is asking the board to reconsider and they will be doing that right here coming up at 9:30 this morning. and we will have the latest on our website at andrea? >> thank you. in ornews, a florida minister says he is not bowing to pressure from the white house and elsewhere to change his plans on september 11th. terry jones plans to mark the anniversary of the terrorist attacks by burning copies of the koran. >> we see an element of islam that is very radical, and we could not get their attention by just sending some type of message. we thought this is a radical message that will get their attention. >> reporter: jones says he believes radical islam could take over america. but the u.s. commander in afghanistan, general petraeus
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says images of burning koran would be used by extremists to incite more silence. virginia governor has ordered the state dmv to no longer consider federal employment documentations as proof of residence to get a license. this move is after a 23-year- old bow livian man was accused in the august car crash that killed a nun in prince william county authorities say that carlos montana used that form to get a virginia license, even though he faced deportation proceedings. a fire has turned in to a death investigation in howard county. firefighters found the body of a woman inside of an apartment in the 6,000 who's block of major lane in columbia yesterday. but police say the woman had injuries not related to the fire, and that was also the case with the man inside who's in critical condition. the names of the victims have not been released. this morning, police
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surrounded a home in forest heights, maryland, where a suspect has coattest refuge. prince georges county police tried to make a traffic stop on the man wanted by dc police. officers say the man fled from them and ended up in a home on 8100 block of neville place. extra precautions are being taken since they believe the man could be armed. doctors are treating a suspect for burns and smoke inhalation after a late-night barricade situation in the district. police responded to reports of a disturbed man on the 300 block of 58th street northeast. when they got there and knocked, officers heard suspicious sounds from inside of the suspect's apartment and spotted smoke in the building. the residents in other units were evacuated. eventually authorities got the suspect out and his neighbors were allowed back in their homes. five after the hour. time for the latest living smart report of the morning jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day ahead on
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wall street. investors unfortunately have a fresh batch of concerns over europe's debt problems and we hope the economic data is strong enough to distract from the worries. overnight stocks in asia lost ground, following in the footsteps of wall street and checking the numbers, the dow is at 10340 after dropping 107 points yesterday. the nasdaq was down by 24 and the s&p lost 12. well, this is gad news for parents and their pressure cargo in the backseat. a review by the insurance industry finds car booster seats have gotten safer. according to results released today, the insurance institute for highway safety is giving top marks to 21 of 72 booster seats it evaluated for properly restraining children, that is 30% compared to last year's 15%. booster seats are used to elevate kids so the seat belts fit them better.
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boosters made strides. we have the full report on the ratings on our website at you can click on living senate to find the results, including all the top picks. what do you have in the next half hour? we are getting a deep discount on a massage today and other spa services. love my job. that is coming up in 30 minutes. >> like that. >> that's coming up in 30 minutes. a commuter alert for metro riders. the five red line stations closed for track and switch work over the weekend reopened on time yesterday. the bad news is that metro says red line trains will run at reduced speeds this week to help the new track adjust. now to campaign 2010 and next tuesday's primaries in maryland and the district of columbia. while district residents can vote early until next monday, tomorrow is the last day people
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in maryland can take advantage of early voting. the state has 46 early voting locations throughout. you can go to those polling places from 10:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. to find an early location in your county, log on to and click on 9 news extras. an hours long search on a jet overnight turns up no explosives despite a threat. the story is coming up. plus, residents watch helplessly as home after home succumbs to fire. and could the redskins be writing their final chapter in the saga that is albert hanes wto. the latest trade rumor ahead in sports.
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high winds caused massive fires in detroit on tuesday destroying about 20 homes,
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including an entire city block. some people say they called authorities to report live wires that had come down before the fire started. fortunately firefighters were able to evacuate everyone in time. police in los angeles are out in full force for the second straight night to deal with protesters. some set fires and others are throwing eggs, rocks and bottles at the west lake police station. they are against the deadly shooting of a knife wielding man by an officer on bike patrol. a thai airways flight from bangkok landed safely after a bomb threat. it was found written in the bathroom on the plane. passengers deplaned, were interviewed and released. the fbi says no explosives were found on the plane. an egg recall prompts food
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safety changes. we have a little bit of rain we are talking about this morning. out to the shenandoah valley, we will pinpoint where it is, where it is going and what you can expect the rest of the workweek. 9 news now is coming right back. itched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at
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hermine has dutched torrential rains on texas. so far city officials say they have received no reports of serious flooding in homes and that's good news. i'm here with howard bernstein. yesterday we were talking about allison several years ago in the houston galveston area. >> 20 inches of rain. >> that dropped all of this rain and had it gone to a hurricane. >> it never made hurricane strength. this would have been a hurricane if the land mass didn't get in the way. if mexico and texas weren't there this would have made it. >> thank you for wearing pink. tomorrow is buddy check nine day an he won't be here tomorrow but he is getting us ready. >> you have to be ready. this thing will give us great weather. it is providing a couple of sorely needed showers, but too few and far between. you see the line extending from
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new england in to pennsylvania and just in to virginia now out of west virginia. i want to zoom in a little more for you going back the last three hours and you can see the action as it is coming out of west virginia. the bark is worst than the bite. live doppler 9000 hd we will show you what is going on to the shenandoah valley quiet here in town and this will probably take another couple of hours to get here. the 7:00 hour we could be seeing showers nearby. up and down 81 is where we have seeing activity here. if the doppler wants to cooperate. there we go. we will zoom in to stevens city, 81. a shower crossing, moving to the east. berryville may have a couple of sprinkles in 15 to 20 minutes. front royal, strasburg, 15 to 20 minutes as showers head toward you and farther south you see the action from woodstock to new market back to birdton there. and sperryville another 30 to 45 minutes or so.
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back to the weather computer and talk about the bus stop forecast which features clouds and an isolated shower. temperatures in the 70s. the day at a glance, shower at 9:00. more sun this afternoon. breezy, too. it will be warm, upper 80s to around t 0. right now 75. in the 50s and low 80s tonight. winds pick up tomorrow. out of the northwest 10 to 15 and gusting to 20. temperatures in the 70s, upper 70s so that is pretty nice an here. sat late and radar has showers coming in from the west with temperatures this morning running in the 70s across the board. although out in garrett county, oakland is 66 behind the front. the cooler weather is moving in after today. the seven-day forecast shows the cooldown tomorrow. fried delightful mid-70s back in the 80s sunday will be wet with a high of 80.
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not much going on as far as accidents and major incidents that will slow you down. that's good news out there. water main break we are keeping an eye on since this morning. it is 410 and 295. we know only the right lane of traffic is getting by. moving to the outer loop, looks like overall volume is picking up mostly around the 29 colesville area. these are live conditions here at university, the outer and inner loop. taking it over to 66. filling out between 234 and 28. but no egg significant slow going yet. finally end with a shot of 95 northbound in virginia. already heavy between the prince william parkway and route 123. now, back to you. a health alert tops the living well headlines. maryland reported two more health-related deaths bringing the total for the year to 28. state health officials say the adults were a dorchester
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resident and a senior citizen from baltimore. both had serious underlying medical conditions which has been the case in all but one of the year's heat-related deaths. food safety advocates are releasing a report on food recalls this year. the most recent big recall is of eggs. the center for science and the public interest says that's the 85th such recall and it's pushing for passage of a bill to reform the food and drug administration. that bill won house approval in july of 2009 but is still awaiting action in the senate. we told you yesterday about the chocolate milk, but there's some other old staples missing from school cafeterias this year in fairfax county. elementary school students can only choose between skim and 1% milk the director of the school system food and nutrition services replaced some other menu items like chicken tenders instead of nuggets and regular
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hot dogs instead of corn dogs. >> we teach nutrition in the classroom. we compliment that. my team does. they go in and work with the teachers. so i think it is important that we are partners with parents ast and all of society with this overweigh issue. >> the goal is to help them pick up healthier habits that will hopefully last a lifetime. the winningest pitcher in the cuban leagues makes a start for the nationals. coming up on 5:20. let's see who's celebrating a birthday --
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there's something you never hear vince gray talk about: his record running dc's department of human services. why? under gray, dhs lost out on millions of federal dollars for missing paperwork; lost money for the homeless; even lost track of foster children.
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a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but he was a bad manager. do we want to go back to that?
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good morning, everybody. the minute the redskins cut hanes worth a check for $21 million in april, you had to figure that big al was here for
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the year because why would you pay that much money to dump him right away. but now shanahan is prepared to dump him. the redskins once again contacted his former team the titans about trading him back there. tennessee coach fisher said last night he would listen to any offer the redskins may make but mcnabb said the redskins need big al. >> we can't win without al. he plays a major part on our defense. it is unfortunate what's been going on and how everything has transpired but that's the game of football and i think he will handle it the right way. hanes worst is listed as the second string nose tackle. armstrong and roy dell women ams are second stringer and thomas to the third string. the state department says you can not get cigars from cue because but you can get a
5:24 am
pitcher. he was the winningest pitcher in the cuban leagues. he was in trouble out of the gate two men on in the 1stinning, ike davis. plenty of gad seats available. 3-0 mets. nats fall 4-1. dylan had a no hitter. in the bronx last night the o's facing sabathia and his 19 wins but he wasn't getting number 20 off the thirds. the second deck and left. and o's won four straight. day after the terps win over the mid shipman kevin anderson was introduced as the athletic director. anderson says winning and producing solid citizens will be his top priorities. presumably beating duke in basketball is close on the list. that's a look at sports.
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i'm brett haber. have a great wednesday, everybody. he one on the mound but nationals pitcher lanham went to bat for a more important cause last. he and screech went to kimball elementary school as part of the reading is fundamental program last night an the students took part in a pregame ceremonies at nationals park. what a day for them. later this hour, we will tell you who chickened out on a bet over the redskins and dallas game. and a decision is expected today over whether any holiday displays will be allowed outside of a local courthouse. and we will have reaction to a pastor's plan to burn copies of the koran this saturday on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. 5:25. here's angie. >> eastbound, no problems making your way to the toll plaza and now you should be able to access the ramp to 66. we have more traffic and the weather with howie b when 9 news now returns.
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stay with us. óó
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the summer pool season has come to anened in alexandria but not before it went to the dogs. the doggy days swim took place last night. some of the proceeds ben any the animal welfare league of alexandria. we are all dog owners here on the morning news so it is gad to see them frolicking in the pool. >> we know somebody who didn't bring their dog to doggy swim day. >> my dog is not a big swimmer. >> he had one in miss neck of the woods. >> here in the metro we are waiting on showers and if they hold together we will see them
5:30 am
about the 7:00 hour or so as they are moving to the east. you see them east of 81 through berryville and lovettsville and south of charlottesville. east of stevens city. upperville and purcellville will see them. they are pushing through the park and farther to the south and west. north of new market a heavier shower there. this is moving east at 30 miles an hour. temperatures in the 70s. well to the 80s later on with sun this afternoon and some wind. angie? >> the overview of the area reveals that we have a new accident reported. this is out on route 4, route 5, 301 in this area. it is on brandywine and horseshoe road. use caution. these roadways are checking out just fine. move to dc. we are live from eastern avenue at kenilworth. no incidents or accidents to report this way. we will look at 395 in virginia heading northbound. a lot of volume is building between duke and seminary.
5:31 am
that's the quick traffic. back to andrea. >> thank you very much. this morning, more officials are trying to talk a florida minister out of his plans to burn copies of the koran this saturday on the ninth anniversary of the september 11 september 11th attacks. pastor terry jones says this is his way of sending a message to radical islam, which he calls the devil's religion. while officials from afghan commander general petraeus and secretary of state hillary clinton are expressing outrage and concern. jones says he shouldn't be held accountable if muslims respond violently. >> we are not pulling the trigger. we are not the one doing it. i think the finger should be pointed at them. >> i say you bring dishonor to the name of jesus christ. >> reporter: here in washington, religious leaders of all faiths are asking jones to back off. jones insists he will go ahead with it even though he has received death threats. pastor jones ' plans raised
5:32 am
fears that u.s. troops could die as retaliation for the burning of islam's holy book. people around the marine base in quantico share those concerns from because, you know, anything to incite somebody, especially in wartime, you know, you are just giving fuel to the fire. >> it is insensitive to other people's religions. on the other hand, only in america. we have first amendment rights. >> the vets hope pastor jones will be convinced to change his mind before putting u.s. troops in greater danger. president obama will mark the ninth anniversary of the september 11th attacks at the pentagon. vice president joe biden will travel to ground zero in new york city and first lady michelle obama will join laura bush in pennsylvania. the ceremonies there at the crash site of the united flight 93. officials supervising the construction at the world trade center site have good news to report. yesterday, two 70-foot long
5:33 am
steel columns were installed at the site of the 9/11 memorial museum. they were salvaged from the wreck of the north tower. supervisors believe the museum project is on track to open by the 10th anniversary of the attack next september. it's about 3 1/2 months until christmas but today we could learn whether louden county will allow holiday displays in front of the courthouse. the debate has been going on since last year and supervisors got some final input last night. 9 news now reporter kristin fisher is live in leesburg with more on the controversy. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. this has been a polarizing issue in the county for ten month now. hopefully today will be a semblance of closure. this morning the county board of supervisors will be meeting in this building to vote on whether or not religious holiday displays will be allowed this year on the county courthouse lawn. now, last night, about 100
5:34 am
people, some for, some against, made their case before the county board. but this debate started last november when a commission recommended this all-out ban on holiday displays. the board responded by implementing a policy that allowed up to ten groups on a first come, first served basis to put up displays on the lawn but that led to a lot of clutter on the county courthouse lawn. we are talking a christmas tree, menorah, atheist billboard to name a few. the same commission that started it all is asking the board to reconsider. supporters of the ban says it upholds the separation of church and state. >> the proper place for religious displays is on religious or private property that way everyone is treated fairly. the majority of religion enjoys no special privilege and the constitution suffers no insult or injury. >> reporter: so that's what spotters say, but opponents of the holiday display ban argue the ban is unconstitutional.
5:35 am
that it violates our first amendment right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. opens of the ban include virginia's aclu and the state's attorney general. the other headline out of the story is the fact that when else is a very liberal organization like the aclu going to be on the same side of an issue as the republican like the attorney general. whole lot of political behind the scenes things happening here today, but hopefully by the end of the day we should know definitively one way or the oh whether or not these holiday displays will be allowed this year on the county courthouse lawn. >> thank you. the man accused of shutting -- of shooting rather -- that shut down schools in bethesda yesterday is now in custody. a lawyer for joshua prince said his client never intended to all right his exgirlfriend. police say that prince fired at
5:36 am
least one shot from a high power rifle toward the exgirlfriend. that forced officers to lock down two nearby schools. the 32-year-old georgetown hospital worker and former navy medic later turned himself in to authorities in pennsylvania. time for another "living $mart" report. and jessica doyle is back with the latest efforts to boost this economy. >> this is on the president. president obama is heading to cleveland today and there he is going to ask congress to let businesses quickly write off 100% of their new spending on new plants and equipment through 2011. it is aimed at job creation and helping businesses. another proposal a $50 billion to rebuild roads, railway and airports and to create a infrastructure bank to oversee long-term projects. legislation containing multiple public works projects has been popular in congress across party lines. b.p. plans to release the conclusion
5:37 am
of the internal investigation in to the rig explosion. reports say that b.p. is unlikely to place too much blame on itself given the billions of dollars of liable it faces. several government agencies are also investigating. it is time for the money saver. this morning we are getting you downed massages and other spa services. one place to look, you will find deal days promotions with 60 minute massages for $50 or less. and other places to look, sign up for coupon websites like and living for more check out my blog, the follow me on twitter. i tried a discounted massage from groupon a few weeks ago, fabulous, $49. >> 49 versus, 100 or $200. a big savings and you feel good. >> yep. >> an icon in the chicago
5:38 am
political world plans an exit from public life. that story is coming up. plus, a record-breaking fashion show, even for the u.s. capital of da couture. >> notice still nice and quiet out there. we will have the top stories next.
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in the news now the wildfire burning near boulder, colorado has destroyed more than 90 buildings including more than 50 homes. about 3,000 people have been evacuated from their home. it is unclear when they will be able to return. authorities say there's been no progress in containing the blaze. a stunner from the world of chicago politics. mayor richard dailey confirmed he will not run for re- election. he's been mayor there for 22 years and daly has been mayor of chicago for 42 of the last 5
5:41 am
-- 55 years. chicago's mayoral election is in february. and some of the world's best known supermodels took though cat walk for a fashion night out. the biggest public fashion show ever staged in knock. the show put on by vogue magazine is designed to present the hottest trends for fall that are already showing up in stores. some local officials are calling their dallas counterparts chickens for not taking a bet on the weekend's big rivalry game. that story is coming up. plus, some of the tools used to stop the gulf oil spill are being removed. here's howard. it is a warm to mild morning on the weather terrace and across the region but a front is on the way. i will explain why you will need an umbrella and the sun screen for wednesday. 9 news now will be back after this.
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the shaking is still not over in new zealand. a strong aftershock registering 5.1 magnitude prompted evacuations this the city of christ church. though no one was killed in the initial big wake quake on saturday, hundreds of buildings were damaged. civil defense officials decided to extend the state of emergency, which was due to expire today. the responders to the oil spill in the gulf of mexico now plan to remight have all of the hard boom laid out across mississippi, alabama and florida. they say it posed more of a risk to the shoreline than any oil that remains in the water. however, local officials along the louisiana coast are pouring over more data before they decide whether the boom should stay or go. scientists say so far there are no signs of a spill-related dead zone in the wart. there's good news about the health of the potomac river. a new study finds underwater grasses are rebounding. grasses are a key habitat for
5:46 am
many species and indicator of waterway health. the u.s. geological survey reports grass coverage in the low every potomac has doubled since ' 90. more than a dozen species are trying in the stretch of the river that was nearly barren 30 years ago. >> some of the dry spells we have had has helped. it hasn't been gad for the lawn or garden but it is not flushing with the nutrients, the chemicals in the fertilizer downstream in though river. drought is good for the river but there is a plus and minus for everything. >> there is that in life. >> yes. >> let's get started this morning. grab the umbrella. a brief shower in spots and then the sun will be around this afternoon and it will be dry and still get sun burned easily. that's what i was talking an, needing the umbrellas an the sunscreen. here's the front pushing through new england, new york state, pennsylvania and now in to northern virginia as well along the shenandoah valley.
5:47 am
closer -- an examination of the radar and you can see what is coming from the west to the east. this is a little overdone. so let's switch it over to live doppler 9000 hd. and you can see the line of showers from northern loudoun county down to charlottesville there. we will zoom in and show you what is happening here. first to the west, we see charlestown. this is past you now. the rain threat is over. lovettsville, hills borough seeing showers. upperville raining for a few minutes. purcellville this may go knot and south of you and leesburg, 15 to 20 minutes you could get a shower. to the south and west we are just about over with a shower in front royal. just north of bentonville we have a shower. these are moving east at 30 miles an hour. light showers toward amissville in to faulkier county. so this morning, as we go to the mom bus stop forecast, mostly cloudy, mild, an isolated shower. temperatures in the 70s. sun is up in a little less than
5:48 am
an hour at 6:43. and then this afternoon, we will warm up to the 80s. if the sun comes out it will be breezy and dry. a fire weather watch is in affect. temperatures in the mid-70s tonight we cool off and clear out. 50s and low 60s. northwest winds relax a bit but somewhat breezy tomorrow. northwest tone 15 and temperatures, in the upper 70s for highs. a real nice thursday. mid-70s in town. on the bay, southern maryland, cambridge 77. cumberland 79 and oakland is down to 64 degrees while national is ahead of the front. dew point in the 60s and the winds out of the south southwest now up at ten miles an hour and here's the front. we will watch it push through midday. behind it the cooler,er air but the -- cooler drier air. we have temperatures near 90. upper 70s on thursday with the breeze later today and tomorrow. friday 75.
5:49 am
saturday is 84. sunday more clouds and showers and then back in the low to mid- 80s on monday and tuesday. it is 54 t. wednesday -- 5:49. wednesday, traffic time. >> creeping closer to the 6:00 hour and a report of a disabled vehicle. outer loop is slowing down from university to georgia. this is another accident we are keeping an eye on at brandywine road and horseshoe road. route 5, branch avenue seeing typical volume. no incidents or accidents there. next stop in virginia. 95 northbound looks like a slow ride has set in from the prince william parkway to 123. we are looking at the outer loop and a slow go between university an georgia. wrap with a shot of 86 heading eastbound. we are tracking the trip. looks like the main delay is plus five minutes between 50 and 123. back to you. this morning, kristin fisher is reporting about the debate over holiday displays in
5:50 am
loudoun county, but another huge issue was discussed at that meeting last night. this sunday's game between the redskins and the cowboys. loudoun county is the home of redskins park but officials say their counterparts in dallas were too chicken to make a bet on the outcome. >> all we have proposed was if they would win i would you wear dallas cowboys shirt promoting dallas. if we are to win the mayor was to wear this jersey with visit on it [ applause ] >> save your voices. put rest up, because on saturday we have to yell and scream and make it the most raw cuss crowd in the history of the redskins because we are teaching a new generation of redskins players and a new coach what this rivalry means to this community. >> that's redskins general
5:51 am
manager bruce allen addressing the meeting as supervisors proclaim this as redskins kickoff week in loudoun county. let them produce on the field hopefully. the names of those to be honored at this year's kennedy center gala are out. that is coming up in entertainment news. and a dc teacher believes he is being punished for being a whistle-blower. hear what he says happened. in the examiner, read about an off-duty police officer accused of assaulting a man at gun point. also a new report gives virginia higher rankings than dc and maryland for the quality and cost of its highway system. and the maryland state board of education condemns montgomery county contracts to create and market its own name brand curriculum. read these story and more in the examiner. we'll be right back.
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malibu ls for around one ninety-nine a month. call for details. the switch to chevy starts at i give patients act restoring mouthwash. act kills germs, restores minerals strengthens enamel. act restoring-- for strong teeth act now. here's a look at what is buzzing in entertainment. oprah will be on honored at the 33rd annual kennedy centers honors gala. winfrey is among five stars in the spotlight, the others include merrill hag guard, compose and lyricist jerry herman, bill jones, dancer and
5:55 am
choreographer and accomplished musician, paul mccartney. wedding bells for niececy nash. she will get married in may to jay tucker. recently diagnosed with a throat tumor, michael douglas is ready to take a stand. he he will join the stand up to cancer telethon this saturday. creative minds turned out for an unusual night at the art museum of the americas. it was art after dark. patrons spent the night viewing contemporary american pieces with cocktails and a night life setting. the dj was on as they showed their best moves on the dance floor. catherine shares an event that is a sure sign of the times, summer is closing in. the national symphony orchestra
5:56 am
presented the seasons musical grand finale at the nso labor day concert. families flocked to the west lawn of the capitol to relax as the orchestra played. clear, blue sunny skies as you can see and the capitol building provided a picturesque back grown for the end of summer. you can send in pictures and evens happening where you live, too. visit my blog oh my and submit your stuff to share on the air and i will take your ideas on my facebook page and via twitter. a veteran dc public schoolteacher believes he is being punished for being a whistle-blower. eric taught at wilson high school for 25 years and now the inspector general wants to know why he was suddenly transferred. gary has more. >> if it is a step to get rid of you in. >> i think so. >> what should be done? >> the mayor should order the chancellor to reinstate me. >> reporter: he has taught in
5:57 am
dc schools for 40 years until he got a letter transferring him to another school in northeast citing educational philosophy differences with wilson's principal. it follows a complaint he made to michelle rhee about a wilson senior class trip to the bahamas earlier this year. >> i reported to the chancellor the fact that students went on the senior class trip, students who had out of 88 students, eight had 200 unexcused absences, failing classes and another ten had over 100 unexcused absences. they were unsupervised. >> reporter: he's reported athletic violation an in tuition. >> i reported large numbers of students who were allowed to graduate without having met all of their requirements. >> reporter: the appealed the transfer decision to rhee who
5:58 am
wrote -- >> are they getting rid of you because of educational differences or because you are a whistle-blower causing them trouble. >> i can't read their minds but i believe they don't want anyone that will speak up against any of the practices, educational practices, as well as million practices that -- management practices that are harmful to students and teachers. >> reporter: as for miss request that mayor fenty rescind the transfer, he said he would not talk about personnel issues. rhee's staff said the same thing. he is worried the district isn't done. >> they transferred me to an off-budget position so i can easily be transferred or gotten rid of and shoveled around again. >> pending that inspector general's investigation, martell continues to report each day to phelps high school hoping eventually his transfer will be overturned. we thank you for watching 9
5:59 am
news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is here with your forecast. >> we have a few light showers out there. they are falling apart as they get closer to washington. we see them in the shenandoah valley and the mountains of west virginia and we are just struggling now. they are in loudoun county trying to move off to the east in to southern frederick and northwestern montgomery counties bub they really don't want to budge much. we will put it in to motion for you and show you what is happening with the doppler. not much near 'tis da aurora, falling apart in upperville and south and west of there we are watching lighter showers through amissville. are they going to make warrenton and bealeton, maybe but light and few and far between. temperatures in the 70s this morning. 77 -- 75, excuse me, here at megan national. cool spot reston 69. 80s this afternoon. 90 with more sunshine and a breeze and fire weather watch. angie goff, happy wednesday. we are ki

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